40 years of experience

Litman y Asociados, Architectural and Urbanism firm, founded in 1978 by Arch. Jose Luis Litman is formed by a team of professionals whom from the very beginning, and with its creativity and effort made the development and success of the company posible.

During its 40  years of experience,  the firm has materialised its projects in a diversity of areas utilising styles and Technologies which are constantly developping and updating so as to render a proficient service to its clientelle.

  • Urban and Real Estate Developmentes, High – Standard Residencial Architecture – Home Residence Buildings, Condo-hoteles and Clubs in Argentina, Punta del Este – Uruguay, Miami – U.S.A., Tamarindo – Costa Rica;
  • Office Buildings and Banks in Buenos Aires, Chile y Perú for Leading Internatioal firms;
  • High Quality Residencial Architecture – Luxury Homes  and Buildings both in Argentina, and Punta del Este – Uruguay;
  • Industrial Works in Buenos Aires and the interior of Argentina

This multidisciplinary firm has managed to give creative answers with great quality of design and technology thanks to the positive interaction of the group of professionals that compose it, that throughout the trajectory of the study managed to compromise and give its contribution to an increasingly demanding clientele and awareness of the design, thanks to the globalized world in which we live.

Arq. José Luis Litman.

Senior Architects – that form part of the Company´s trajectory:
Arch. Marcelo Czernikier, Arch. Federico Zancolli, Arch. Fernando Diez, Arch. Francisco Pratti, Arch. Patricia Diez, Arch. Pablo Brandt, Arch. Alberto Caparroz. Arch. Lucia Drault, Arch. Adolfo Perez, Arch. Juan Manuel Sahores, Arch. Fernando Aguilar, Arch. Elisa Squitin, Arch. Gonzalo Duarte Zanoni, Arch. Nadia Gutierrez Arch. Ezequiel Grinberg, Arch. Patricia Sanchez, Arch. Claudia Saldivia, Arch. Cecilia Guzzini, Arch. Damian Chomer, Arch. Iván Chomer. Arch. Manuel Depierro

Structural Engineers in various disciplines, Professionals in Perspectivas, rendering, modeling.

Roberto Riverti
, Alejandro Leveratto, 
Arturo Encinas

Bilateral Agreements:
 KPF (Kohn, Pedersen, Fox) U.S.A. – Boudova U.S.A. – Logistic Planning C. / U.K.

Creative yet pragmatic,Litman y Asociados is entering XXI century with vast experience based on our professional objectives: delivery of thorough, efficient, and creative service following our philosophy that architecture is the art of translating the human need for habitat into a harmonious, efficient, function-based architecture, an architecture which respects regionalism and above all human history.

Globalization, which has become the underlying paradigm in today´s world, has had several important results. Perhaps the most relevant is that Litman & Asociados in Argentina, just as other leading international firms, delivers superior service to our clients due to the sheer diversity of scale of our projects. This positive feedback loop enriches projects of all sizes: the architectural detail we design into residential projects adds tremendous value to large scale industrial and commercial projects, while our experience with these large scale projects such as hypermarkets, hotels, and industrial plants results in better efficiency in our smaller projects. In every case, quality, value and speed are prioritized.

If we look at our work retrospectively, our firm has enjoyed solid and constant growth over the last 30 years. But more importantly, this growth has gone hand In hand with the understanding of the changes in our clients´ needs, whether in the professional, commercial or private sector: these changes mirror those of urban society: the incessant focus on quality, the increasing need for efficiency and the accelerating time pressure.

Thus, our Crystal Lagoon  in SOLANAS, is not only a high-end engineering product itself,  but also, with its unique design of artificial beaches and beach restaurants, we have generated a special asset to the gated community development. It is a unique ammenity around which we’ve managed to develop beach life amidst the Eucalyptus woods.  Today, Crystal View, Garden View and Green Park,  3 gated community neighbourhoods within Solanas Vacation Club, are an example of todays URBANISM.

The tunnel below the Inter balnearia Highway in Punta del Este, giving secure and direct access to the beach from VERAMANSA , has turned into a first rate asset to the complex.

Barbara en Tamarindo, with the Condo Hotel as first stage of the whole development, placed in a plot with incredible views to  the Tamarindo Bay, and with the planned future stages,  outstands for its architecture and its Urbanism in Tamarindo