Crystal View – Solanas

Green Park – Punta del Este – Uruguay

Crystal Lagoon – Solanas

Bárbara en Tamarindo – Costa Rica

Bárbara en Tamarindo – Costa Rica – Opening Soon 1st. Stage

Home Residence – Building Rawson

Veramansa – Punta del Este – Uruguay

Stone, Wood and Glass – Punta del Este – Uruguay

Global Crossing Headquarters – Argentina

Home Residence – Building Rincón del Indio

Huawei Technologies

Palladian Style


31 Beach Project – Punta del Este

Mediterrean Neocolonial Style

Building View Tower

Mediterranean Neocolonial Style – Boating Club San Isidro

Home Residence – Building Las Terrazas

English Style – Highland Park Country Club

English Style

Argentine Colonial Style

Neocolonial Rioplatense Style

Country English Style

Toyota Argentina Headquarters

Project El Malecón – Puerto Madero

New American Style

Mediterranean Style

AT&T Argentina – Fortabat Building

San Isidro Riviera

Hotel Palacio Duhau (Project)

Escada Argentina

Residence Boating Club

Building The Diamond

Home Residence – Building Santa María del Puerto

Country House (Project)

Offices Manzi Publishing

Project Hotel Puerto Madero

Palladian Style

3030 Condominium Adventure Project

Tourist Complex – Punta del Este – Uruguay

Building – Brava Beach José Ignacio

Project Dique 3 Puerto Madero – Buenos Aires – Argentina

Global Crossing Headquarters – Perú

Global Crossing Headquarters – Chile

Office Building Osadra – Argentina

Residence Building Blue Tiles

BNL Subsidiaries – Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro

Mediterranean Neocolonial Style

Subsidiaries Bank Boston Argentina

Private Banks And Offices

National Distribution Center Tía S.A.

Hypermarket Tía – Trelew – Chubut – Argentina

Galerías Pacífico – Food Court

Ekono III

Project Lapa S.A.

Allied Domecq (ex Hiram Walker-Bols)

Project Country Club Parque Tobelma

Project Zona Franca Punta