Litman & Asociados is not only an Arquitectural firm; as a Service company it has over 20 years experience delivering a thorough and global service to its customers. Litman & Asociados delivers a wide range of services which include all Preliminary services, Project services, Construction Management, Administrative-Accounting services for Architectural and Construction projects, and Technical-Economic services for bid presentations. In addition to its experience, Litman & Asociados has established strategic partnerships with national and international Architectural and Engineering firms assuming a Project Leader Role.

These strategic partnerships result in professional, entreprenuerial service at the highest global level and the implementation of creative solutions for both architectural and technical needs, as well as the legal and administrative job requirements.

As citizens of the world we render international services to citizens of the world. Today people work and invest worldwide so we decided to update and go beyond our boundaries to offer investments around in various spots of Latin America and U.S.A.

Preliminary services

Land search.
Collaboration in the analysis of the business.


Preliminary draft.
Architectural projects.
Interior design.
Distribution (Lay-out).
Cost estimation.


Land surveys.
Soil surveyance.
Electric, sanitary and gas installation.
Thermomechanical installation.
Fire-detection and prevention systems.
Low voltage systems.
Proceedings in municipal permits.

Construction management

Site-management programming and control.
Construction management.
Assistance in the installation, and start up of sophisticated industrial equipment.
Purchase of construction material.

Tender documents and bidding services

Creation of technical and special tenders.
Generals and particulars.
Creation of legal and economic tender documents.
Site tenders.
Organization of all contract documentation.

Technical and economic services

Feasability studies.
Analisis of existing sites.
Services and equipment analisis.
Research on the site location.

Administrative and accounting services

Site management.
Investment curves.
Budget control.
Periodical reports and registration

Project and construction management

Guaranteed turn-key projects: regarding the project and construction of works, Litman & Asociados has a strong and successfull background in what is known world-wide as Project and Construction Management. This service guarantees the customer costs and terms. The building is then duly delivered to the client in turn-key conditions, with the firm and constructor responsible for any cost over-runs.

With the Project and Construction Management system the project and construction phases are managed simultaneously.

Contracts and tender documents are openly evaluated with the customer.

Traditional System

Project & Construction Management

Facility Management

Both the companies’ needs as well as those of the globalized world as a whole are constantly changing. This is the reason why, and with the aim of updating the kind of services we give, we’ve incorporated a new kind of service to the range of services we’ve been giving up to now. We are here talking about Facility Management.

This new service is now being implemented to every area regarding businesses and investments. Regarding Architecture, Litman & Asociados contributes enormously with this innovating concept: we are here talking about upgrading a given property applying a series of analysis both in the selection of the asset, the architectural project in itself, the preventive maintenance of it and the low costs.

In one word: “Facility Management”:
 The profitability, productivity and competitiveness of a company es measured according to certain parameters

  • a profitable company must bear in mind its location.
  • a company is productive if the necessary equipments and facilities for the production are duly maintained.
  • a company is competitive if the image of the brand-name is maintained at competitive prices.


Added value of the Study to implement a good Facility Management
Focus and outline the main objective of this service:

  • Upgrading the maintenance (building and equipments).
  • Protection of the investment.
  • Keeping the image and quality standard of the company.
  • Ensuring the low costs of production.
  • Evitar la desvalorización del bien por mal mantenimiento.
  • Adequate selecion of the land and of the architecture project considering the incidence of price over the land and the investment to be made on the land: obtaining an efficient, economical and of course esthetic product so as to upgrade the company as a ‘ brand’ or to transform it into a profitable asset if it is solely considered as business.
  • Bearing in mind: taxes, insurance costs, asset profitability and of course, maintenance.